Are you looking for marketing consulting firms? Great! That means you want to grow up your business. Marketing consulting firms can boost your business and put your business on the industry maps. Witch will help your brand stay relevant, and drive more customers.

Marketing consulting firms can help in a few different ways. They can help you create new branding for your business, making a makeover. Re-branding can help you change the way customers saw your business, that is great if you want to expand your line of products, or refresh the way you work.

Another way Marketing consulting firms can help you with, is by creating branding from scratch. Building a brand from zero is very hard, but also very interesting. By doing that you give power to the marketing company to think, and create new ideas, design, and image for your business.

But you can't let anyone doing that important job for you. Branding is for professional, and you have to can't just hire any marketing consulting firm. That is why, in this article, we will see how to choose the right marketing firm for your business.

Ask for Bids - Don't limit yourself for only one Marketing Consulting Firm

They are many marketing consulting firms out there, and there is no reason to limit yourself to only one. There is no shame in checking the market and asking companies about their services, and prices. Marketing, digital, and consulting firms work hard to bring new clients their business. So they will be more than happy to answer all the questions you have.

When closing with the digital consulting firms that you choose, you have to know the prices in this industry. I always ask 3 agency before closing anything, even if it is a pure electric service for my house. After I talk talking to two people, I know what the prices are, and I can close with the third.

Most of the clients have no clue how to check the marketing guys work. That gives a huge advantage to the marketing agency because you have no way to check them. You don't want the marketing guy to despise you,  that's why you need to understand a basic of the business. Knowing the prices and the work you want to do will help you negotiate the term with the marketing consulting firm.

Understand your brand

As businesses manager, we all think we know our business better than anyone. In most of the cases, it is true, because we are the one dealing with our day to day business problems. But branding and managing are two different things, and most of the time you need someone from the outside to help you with it. Marketing consulting firms are here to help you look at the full picture, and not only on your business one.

You need to be prepared to be asked by marketing agencies to describe your business. They can ask you if your company was an animal, which one will it be. Or what color is your company? Those questions do not make any sense, but it will help the marketing firm understand the company personality.

After you set up the business personality, you need to know and understand your audience. If you are in the cars business, you need to define how is your audience. Are you selling Maserati or Fiat? What characterizes your customers? You need to know your customers well, so the Marketing consulting firm will help you reach them.

Local or international business?

While searching for your next marketing consulting firm, you need to know what do you want to do with your business.  Is your business a local one, or an international one? An excellent local marketing firm is not enough for global marketing. More than just branding your company, marketing firm have connections witch you need to use. They worked with lot's of other company and can help you expand your business.

If you have a clothing store in Paris and you want to expand your brand outside Europe, you will need to adapt your branding. Selling in Paris or in New York is not the same, people are different and the culture is different. That is why you need to set up a branding and marketing solutions for each case. Selling internationally is not simple, and you have to choose an experiment marketing consulting firm for that mission.

Marketing Consulting Firms Experience

From my own experience with marketing consulting firms, I can say that experience is the most important detail. As I said, marketing firms will help you create new relationships. Those will be crucial for your business extension, and you have to do it right. When choosing your marketing firm, ask if they already work with people in your field. Most Marketing firms have an expertise, which give them special connections with influencers and other companies.

From what I know, most serious marketing firm won't take your case unless they can win. A marketing firm is like a law firm, they don't want to lose, and they don't want to waste their time. So ask the firm if they will be able to do it right, and if not, who do they recommend.

If you have some budget, don't try to save money by hiring a small marketing firm. Take a good one, with people you know they can boost your business.

In House Marketing firm or Outsource?

As business owners, we don't have time to take care of all our business marketing and branding. So an easy solution is to outsource the marketing to a marketing firm to take care of it. But some marketing agency also outsources this to another marketing firm. It may surprise you, but some marketing consulting firms outsource a big part of the work so that they will save time and focus on bringing new clients.

You have to check what will be made in-house and what won't. If the marketing consulting firm will outsource the web development for your landing pages, it is ok. But if the creative, and the branding will be outsourced, that means you have no reason choosing this agency.

Outsourcing websites allow you to get websites for more affordable prices. The marketing firm in New-York will outsource the development to India, and that will cost you less. But if they will outsource the creative to India, that means they have no clue in marketing.

A part of the branding is understanding the culture of the country you want to sell in. You don't have to overthink to make a website, but you do have to, to create and come up with a great branding idea.

So How to choose a Marketing Consulting Firm

Be careful choosing your marketing consulting firm, you don't want to spend money on noting. Good Luck!